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Tradepol was established in October of 2003. Its scope of operation initially included the market of glass packaging and aluminium closures. Another branch of the company’s activity were industrial installation services. From the very beginning, the company’s mission was meeting client requirements through timely provision of premium-quality products and services. Taking advantage of innovative management methods, aiming at continuous development and meeting growing client expectations, in 2006 Tradepol purchased a tin packaging factory (Fabryka Opakowań Blaszanych) in Zawiercie, which was transformed into FOB-Decor Sp. z o.o.

Over the course of 13 years, both companies saw an investment of over 30 million zlotys, spent primarily on the modernisation of machinery resources and employee development, as well as the continuous enlargement of their range of products and services. In 2016, Tradepol began to expand the manufacturing facility in Turza, which will further enhance its production capacity. The company’s industrial installation activities have also undergone development, and in 2013 these services began to include general construction works and general contracting services.

In 2014, a decision was made to establish Tradepol GROUP. Working as part of a group has enabled us to increase our brand awareness and establish a strong position of our products and services on the Polish and foreign markets. In 2016, wishing to address the needs of our clients and business partners, we decided to set up two new brands: FOB-Glass (which manufactures only glass products) and GWT Inwest (which is responsible for general contracting services, general construction works and industrial installation services). In the near future, these two brands are to become separate entities forming part of Tradepol Group. The year of 2016 also saw a complete makeover of the image of the group, the companies and the brands. The company always looks to the future by implementing new products and solutions, and by increasing their range and quality – this makes Tradepol the perfect business partner. The company’s long-established presence on the market, its extensive expertise and qualified personnel guarantee customer satisfaction.

We look forward to our future cooperation.


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