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Pilfer-Proof and Pilfer Proof Premium closures

PILFER PROOF and PILFER PROOF PREMIUM closures manufactured by us can be supplied finished with offset printing or screen printing. A surprint can also be made using paint visible under UV light on a selected surface section of the closure. Our products can be finished with internal printing or printing on the seal. It is also possible to use embossing and bevelling on the face or the side surface of a closure with the additional option of varnishing of the printed graphics or text. Our products can also be finished with hot stamping. All our closures have the approval of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH). Our company is only one of a few that offer the introduction of innovative product solutions specifically for one client – in the form of dedicated products.

Closure production is carried out with the use of modern production lines with very high production throughput. This makes costs reasonable and ensures high quality of the products. To answer a continued increase in quality requirements, the company regularly improves the manufacturing processes by investing in innovative technologies and raising the qualifications of the personnel. As a result, the highest level of product quality is guaranteed. The company’s experience in the sector allows us to supplement our production scope with premium-quality products sourced from reliable suppliers, which guarantees stability of order delivery to the customer.

Our product range includes:


  • DIAMETER: 18; 20; 22; 24; 25; 28; 30; 31,5; 35; 43 mm
  • HEIGHT: 12,5; 15; 18; 24; 30; 34-38; 40-44; 50; 55; 60 mm


  • DIAMETER 28 mm: 28×19; 28×34-38; 28×44; 28×50; 28×60 mm
  • DIAMETER 30 mm: 30×24; 30×44; 30×50-55; 30×60 mm

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