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TWIST–OFF closures

Our TWIST–OFF closures are used in the food industry where the pasteurisation (up to +100ºC) or sterilization (from 100ºC to 121ºC) processes are used. Our production line from 2009 enables us to manufacture superior-quality closures at exceptionally high production output. The raw materials used provide the manufactured with exceptional durability, even when exposed to high concentrations of acid or salt solutions. The company headquarters house a laboratory equipped with the most up-to-date control devices that simulate conditions to which products will be subjected, as this type of quality monitoring ensures suitable production control. The closures are manufactured in full compliance with the PN-0-79570 standard. All our closures have the approval of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH). The closures can be finished with multi-colour printing or internal printing.

Closure production is carried out with the use of modern production lines with very high production throughput. This makes costs reasonable and ensures high quality of the products. To answer a continued increase in quality requirements, the company regularly improves the manufacturing processes by investing in innovative technologies and raising the qualifications of the personnel. As a result, the highest level of product quality is guaranteed. The company’s experience in the sector allows us to supplement our production scope with premium-quality products sourced from reliable suppliers, which guarantees stability of order delivery to the customer.

Our product range includes:

  • TWIST-OFF CLOSURES - DIAMETER: Ø 33 mm and Ø 82 mm 

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