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Bottles and jars


FOB-Glass specialises in the manufacture of glass packaging, which includes bottles, jars and cosmetics containers. As a result of cooperation with Polish and foreign glassworks, the company is able to offer an exceptionally wide portfolio of glass bottles with a capacity of 50 to 4250 ml, in many assorted colours. The product range also comprises many different types of glasses, stemware, beer mugs, jugs and other glass advertising merchandise.

Our clients are provided with professional guidance on the selection of bottles suitable for their specific needs. This advice is accompanied by technical drawings and trial samples. On client request, the company introduces new designs of industrial glass by implementing the entire process – starting with the design right until the delivery of premium-quality finished products. Our key advantage is the speed of the packaging design implementation process and the comprehensive services in the field of glass decoration and selection of appropriate closures. FOB-Glass cooperates with numerous European facilities specialising in glass decoration services for glass packaging manufacturers, which provides for unlimited potential of individual customer service.

The product portfolio includes over 400 bottle designs used for:

  • alcoholic beverages and wine
  • water, juice, syrup and sauces
  • vinegar, other foodstuffs and chemicals

and jars used for:

  • processed vegetables and fruit
  • processed vegetable and meat products, and processed meat
  • mustard, horseradish and mayonnaise
  • fish and other processed food



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