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About Us

Tradepol Group consists of Tradepol and FOB-Decor companies, as well as FOB-Glass and GWT Inwest brands – all these enterprises are based on Polish capital. Their product and services portfolios include the production of aluminium closures, glass packaging, installation and general construction services for the industry and general contracting services. The registered office of Tradepol Group is located in Turza, ul. 1 Maja 4, near Zawiercie. The group has been in operation since 2009 and currently employs over 250 employees. Production takes place in two production plants, in Turza and Zawiercie. What makes Tradepol Group stand out from the competition is its continuous development, modern machinery, good partnership with clients, timeliness, top-notch services as well as products where high-quality and engineering precision is of key importance. Tradepol Group’s products are exported around the world and they have won the acclaim of the largest companies from the alcohol, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Tradepol and FOB-Decor specialise in the manufacture of products such as aluminium screw thread closures for bottles, e.g. PILFER-PROOF, PILFER-PROOF PREMIUM, TWIST-OFF, DROP-STOP and GPI closures. The extensive product range includes aluminium closures in a wide range of standard designs, as well as closures specially manufactured on request. FOB-Glass sells polyethylene closures, dispensers, jars, glass and polyethylene bottles, as well as other packaging products. Other services include varnishing services or aluminium and steel sheet printing. You can find out more about our products at under “What we do” and at

 GWT Inwest is a general contractor whose area of operation includes the whole of Poland and beyond. The company specialises in installation services and comprehensive range of construction work linked to building industrial facilities, large-scale and residential buildings. The all-encompassing services offered cover the planning stage, obtaining building permits, construction supervision and obtaining final building inspection acceptances and sign-offs. If required by the client, the newly-constructed facilities are equipped with various types of installations compliant with fire safety and environmental protection requirements and applicable standards. The management system, proved in practice for many years, and the highly-qualified team of engineers and specialists from many sectors of the construction industry enable us to complete investments on time, safely and in full compliance with all valid standards.

Enterprises forming Tradepol Group are all companies which are open to changes and innovations. All business operations are carried out using management systems which aim to improve the quality of products and services on offer. Tradepol Group’s excellent knowledge of the industry and management conducted in conformity with global standards, guarantee client satisfaction and the brand’s leading position on the market.

We look forward to our future cooperation.