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Política de calidad

Tradrepol Group’s activity is primarily focused not only on fulfilling and meeting the customers’ needs but also is aimed at maintaining high-quality of products and services. “Monitoring customer satisfaction”, meeting the customer’s expectations in terms of products and services as well as continuous improvement of the organization are the conditions necessary for economic and social Tradepol Group’s development. To accommodate the above mentioned conditions and to fulfill the existing standards we endorsed, maintain, and constantly improve The Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2008 norm.  We want to execute our Quality Policy through the following strategic objectives:

■ continuous improvement of our products, secure them a sustainable high quality as well as high level                        of customer satisfaction

■ being able to produce and deliver quickly in time is the key element of today’s dynamic Tradepol Group’s policy

■ uptaking of innovative technologies which is an answer to gorwing customer’s expectations expectations                    related to the shortening of time of order accomplishment

■ partnership cooperation

■ financial budget performance by Tradepol Group

■ continuous improvement of our processes and products together with the effectiveness of the Quality Management      System

■ our employees’ continuous competence improvement, assuring their safety and working conditions on                        the action site

■ taking steps toward reducing the production’s impact on the environment

To implement to Company’s Quality Policy and maintaining the effective functioning of the Quality Management System and its continuous improvement of organization aiming at increasing our customers’ trust whether in terms of quality of our products and services, thereby strengthening our position in the market. The direct involvement of the top-level management in the implementation, maintenance and constant streamlining of the Quality Management System is effective in reaching the objectives as well as the commitments undertaken. Tradepol Group’s also declares to ensure full respect for the rule of law with reference to all action that we take and areas of the activity and to our products. We have had the Quality Certificate ISO 9001 issued by DEKRA the Quality Management System  Certification no.  000210014/1